Madam holy well signPlease meet curator of this months Signage Sunday, Aurelia Zoss. 

This is the third of four posts from Aurelia.

There are a few things every good Hindu must do once in their life.

Pilgrimages to all four of the holiest temples in Puri, Rameswaram, Dwarka, and Badrinath is part of this.

Rameswaram is worth a visit – even if you’re not a devout Hindu. The small fishermen’s village is situated South-East of India, on an island right between the Indian mainland and Sri Lanka.

To get there, the train crosses a huge railway bridge – just two tracks and below only water. This train ride is among the most beautiful train journeys you can take in India.

Madam holy well queueOnce there, you find an eclectic mix of Indian tourists, pilgrims, local fishermen and very few foreigners.

The first thing you have to see is the main temple of course. Right outside the entrance, there is a huge board saying:

“To take the holly bath in the 22 wells the charges are only Rs. 25/- (including service charges) – Temple Administration”

It’s almost set up like a public swimming pool: there are lockers for your valuables, and changing rooms. Then they charge entrance fee and the party happens inside.

A holy duty to take a holly bath.

You can see pilgrims queuing to take water from the wells home with them.


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