Madam Signage Sunday chocolate bollThis will come as no surprise to you that this particular tasty treat is from the same place that brought us last weeks ‘bugeete’ sign.

Still in Hampi, still incorrectly spelt. And still funny.

But that last might just be me.

The chocolate boll in question really was quite disgusting as it happens. I had one as my dessert and it tasted like nothing so much as a very vaguely chocolaty bit of burfi that had been rolled into a ball.

Burfi being a very sweet India sweet that has a distinctive taste – very sweet, but with a taste almost of off milk about it. When done well this balance of sweet and edgy can be delightful. A real harmony of good and bad that is uniquely Indian.

This was not done well.

It was horrible.

If you’re in Hampi. Skip the bolls. That’s my advice.


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