Madam - cashew soilAges ago, I met the lovely Aneeta Madhavan from Talking Cranes for lunch in Bangalore.

Which was a delight.

Not just because Aneeta is fabulously interesting and fun, or that we were in a rather lovely hip place with delightful food.

No, we were rather intrigued by this little item on the dessert menu.

Tarte au citron

Lime curd in bake citrus spiked crust, served with pistachio soil, crème Chantilly.

Pistachio soil?!

What on earth was that?

We called over the waiter and asked. True to form, he looked utterly blank and then launched into a long and completely incomprehensible description.

Madam - cashew soil, the actualityAs the food is on the whole excellent, there (the place is called ‘Like that only’ which is in itself fabulous), we bravely ordered the dish anyway.

And there it was – as pictured. Beautifully presented as you can see (and as it should be for nearly 200 rupees). And right enough, the ground pistachio does indeed look like soil.

But all the same – it’s hideously unappealing as a description eh? Who wants to eat soil, after all.

That said though – do drop by if you get a chance. The food is lovely.


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