Madam Signage Sunday Ocean City So I was in Plymouth recently, visiting my best mate.

Which is nice, as I’ve not seen him for a few years. Well not seen him in the flesh that is, I see him on Skype all the time of course. Such is modern life.

Anyway, now I’ve left India, I have a bit more time to travel in the UK on my trips home. So the last two weeks have been a kind of grand lap of honour round the country (or it was like that in my head). So two weeks ago, I finally got back to Plymouth, for the first time in years.

It’s a lovely city – on the South West Coast of the UK and right on the coast. It was full of naval shipyards for years, centuries in fact. And was well established as a naval centre during the Tudor period.

It’s from here that Drake allegedly continued his bowling game while the Spanish Armada hoved into view (That’s not really the chap I’d want in control of my fleet, but call me churlish).

So, Plymouth: a lot of naval history. A sea faring town all round.

Sea. Not ocean. Because Britain is not on the ocean. It’s near the Atlantic, but not actually surrounded by it.

This small fact seems, however, to have passed Plymouth Council entirely by. They’ve recently taken the rich maritime history of Plymouth and rebranded it as ‘Britain’s Ocean City’. Odd. As this is just plain inaccurate. It’s not on the ocean, not even a little bit. We’re not even certain you can even see the ocean from Plymouth. It is stretching a point beyond tenuous.

So there I stood directly outside the station in front of the sign pictured, slack jawed and pointing (as is my wont all too often). While my pal, a local lad, agreed with all my statements on it’s daftness.

Back home, different country. Still loving the silly signs.


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