Madam Signage Sunday Burgers  And CupcakesHas there ever been a more unpleasant pairing of food types?

Kippers and bananas?

Beef jerky and birthday cake?

Ok, so there could have been more unpleasant pairings.

But to me, a juicy burger and the joy of a cupcake have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

I understand the urge to link two hugely popular food groupings, but this is an utter fail. Maybe it’s because I’m a vegetarian, but the image of those two utterly turns my stomach.

And as an avid cake eater, and someone who’ll usually happily watch someone else eat a burger… I would appear to be within their target market, yet repulsed by their name.

You don’t have to be much of a marketer to realise that is surely not a good thing.

So, please, change the name? It can’t be doing the business any good.


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