Madam Signage Sunday Broccoli rapeSo weirdly this is from the menu of the rather swish place I dined on my birthday in New York.

Yes, I know I’m still going on about that. But you only get one a year and I shall be banging on about the fact I was in NYC for it, for a while yet. You wait till the cake documentary comes out, it was all shot there…

So, I realise you’ve probably tuned in for tales of India and all, but really I’m still a bit giddy about New York and the filming and all that cake. I suspect it might still be a 6 week sugar high.

Anyway, back on track. There I was, replete with art and cocktails, basking in the joy of a birthday and just a tiny bit emotional about the coming 30 hour journey back to India.

Though that last might have been the margaritas, to be honest. But happy, definitely happy.

But, imagine my surprise to discover that charming as my day was, rape was on the menu.

Broccoli rape.

I have no idea if it was a misprint of ‘rabe’, or if there is an Italian dish called ‘rape’ (though if there is they’ve kept that pretty quiet on my trips there).

But either way, it gave me quite a turn to see it there. And as a kind soul, I share it with you here.

Because I’m nice like that.


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