Madam board at own risk closeBoard at your own risk.

The cry of thrill-seeking fun ride warnings the world over.

However, take a good look at exactly what is being boarded here… that’s right, it’s a tiny clockwork train. The sort of things a child under three could safely ride.

Hell, the child could probably fairly safely be run over by the entire train and still be fine.

But no, there is a prominent warning sign.

What makes this stranger, is that India is full of stuff that would quite seriously harm kids that carry no warnings of any sort.

Madam board at own risk: wide viewYou see children playing on building sites, or poking sticks into pylons. Or even just throwing things at rats… and there isn’t a single warning sign to keep off, out or away.

But this, extremely simple, very non threatening ride has a sign?

I can’t help but feel there is a deeper story here than the one we see. Perhaps a kid was hurt and the management felt they had to cover themselves – though this isn’t a particularly litigious culture.

It all just seems a bit surreal in the context of India:. America I could understand it… but India?

Most odd.


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