Madam Bunty PeerbhoySo this is probably busting someone’s privacy out of the water.

But, I saw this name on the elevator board at a friends place… and is number 301, not the best name you have ever heard?

Bunty Peerbhoy?

It simultaneously conjures up the Raj, white suits, privilege and summer cocktails on fabulous verandahs with girls who’ve just wafted in from the tennis courts.

Of course, that may just be me.

Plus, I can almost guarantee that Mr Peerbhoy is nothing like the playboy image I have of him. He’s probably older, smaller and drabber than I imagine.

But we can all dream, eh?

So, lets just take a moment to consider an Indian summer on the lawn, and a tall glass of something cold. Marvellous.

Incidentally, P G Wodehouse is incredibly popular here – particularly the Jeeves series. The theory is that due to both the Raj, and the caste system, there is an appreciation of the delicacy of the twenties world of Wodehouse. When you think of it like that, it rather makes sense.

And Bunty Peerbhoy, sounds terribly like a Wodehouse character.

In fact, I think I’ll slink off and read some now. Toodlepip.


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