Madam - signage sunday - bentSo, I’ve got a few signs that I saw in NYC on my recent trip that I thought I’d share.

If you tuned in for exclusively Indian signs, I do apologise… there are just too many amusing signs in the world for me to not show when I come across them. I assure you, normal service will be resumed soon.

Well soonish. I have seen a few corkers on my travels recently. And there are a couple of cracking signs sent in by readers on the way too. Thanks so much for that by the way – keep them coming!

So, this sign for a Pilates studio was in the Theatre district of New York. A very, very gay area.

No doubt that’s why I always feel so at home there, I do love a fabulous gay man. And for that matter, theatre. A winning combination.

Or indeed a fabulous pun. Just so we’re all clear what we’re looking at here – ‘bent’ is a very pejorative term for being gay. Or at least it is in the UK. So they’ve cleverly reclaimed the word in a positive way for their studio. I assume it’s very gay friendly.

And as if that’s not enough, they’ve then got a picture of someone doing a pretty advance Pilates move that is very, very straight. As in, not bent at all.

See what they did there?

That Pilates move by the way – that straight lift off the saddle horse like that – is an absolute bitch to do. You have to have abs of steel to do that well, no wonder they’ve got it on the poster. That and the name made me want to rush in and book… so assuming it works for everyone else the same, their ads are working.


Part of the ‘Signage Sunday’ series. I’m slightly obsessed with signage in this country.

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