Madam - Signage Sunday -  Bear Ass BuysPlease meet curator of this months Signage Sunday, Katie Schenk – our lovely South Africa based, Rethink copywriter.

She’s a fabulous eye for quirk and this is the first of four posts from Katie.

Pharmacies in South Africa are a combination of European-style businesses (all medicine and a few cosmetics) and American drugstores where you can buy just about anything, including beer and smokes.

Most of the chain pharmacies fit into the latter category though you can’t buy beer there, which is a shame, because usually their prices are rather remarkable.

Dis-Chem is one of those larger chain stores – and one that I’ve avoided for the last 12 years as a general rule. It’s not because they don’t sell beer; it’s because I used to be a client of their biggest rival – Clicks. But then, I decided that I would do the right thing and support the local, independent pharmacies.

But, I had to stop to pick up an anti-histamine and Dis-Chem was the easiest stop. But, since I didn’t know the store all that well, we spent some time perusing the aisles. And that’s when I stumbled on these bear ass toys.

In fairness, I totally understand the concept behind teddy bears. And, one can only assume that they meant to go in that direction. My sons snickered like little girls as I pointed this sign out to them. But, as we looked through the basket of toys, I can tell you that there wasn’t a single ass in the pile.

Apparently, the only ass was the one who hung a sign at child height with a swear word on it. Oh, and me too – because it took me so long to discover that I could save a bit of money on items that weren’t pharmacy related.

And, if it truly were the real deal, as the sign claims, then perhaps they should have been selling bare ass toys, not bear ass ones.


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