Madam KL bathroom signI spotted this sign at Kuala Lumpur airport on the way to Thailand last week.

I’ve seen similar ones in India… in fact with how clean and lovely KL airport is, it’s possible that it’s aimed at people changing plans from places less modern in outlook.

Clear though, eh?

And of course the fact you need a sign, indicates that it happens often enough that it’s a problem.

And I’ve certainly seen people kicking the flush rather than touching it in Pakistan and India. They always seem to do it once the doors open and they’re on the way out. So it’s a rather dramatic Ninja kick back into the cubicle, which can be disconcerting from a well dressed middle aged woman.

I’ve also seen the after effects of people obviously using Western toilets as though they’re squat toilets – not what you think – you can see shoe prints on the seat!

Anyway, I’ll just leave you to ponder all that and go about my business. Busy, busy, this week – good stuff is on the way very soon. I’ll be sharing free things next week.


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