Madam - an award winning blog. Indiblogger awardSo, this is going out late, and it’s not about signs.

What a swizz!

But things are a little hectic at Rethink Central this week, so do please forgive me. We’re still very short handed, and I’ve been setting up all the ace free training videos that are going down a storm (check that out here, by the way).

So, I simply ran out of time to get this out yesterday. To my horror there was also a delay on my food blog from Friday, which is awful. That’s fixed now and should you fancy trying a Cinnamon Crumble Cake then head over there. And if you would, tell no-one it went out late. Ahem.

Anyway, despite the shambolic weekend of blogging, this lovely thing arrived this morning. You may remember that I won an award a few months back. You might not as this blog quite often wins awards.

Not anything impressive now, don’t get excited. But awards all the same. And it’s rather nice.

This particular award was niche in the extreme – best blog about India by a non-Indian. Niches consider that a bit niche. But I’m beginning to suspect it might not be quite as small as I assumed. I’ve been asked to be in book because of it, and was given a pass on the first round of another competition on the back of it. That lot made it very clear that if I’d just go to Delhi I’d probably win… but I was a bit busy with clients that week and really couldn’t be bothered. Possibly I’m being a bit too blasé about this sort of thing…

And it is very nice winning things. Particularly when today, an actual out and out trophy showed up. Broken, mind (well it was delivered by Indian couriers after all…)

And frankly, the award is rather nice. Look at it: I’m a winner. People I don’t know voted for me. And they’ve sent me a thing. And there was ever such a nice note with it saying that the world was a better place because of my writing.

So, there you go – this weeks Signage Sunday is the sign from my own ludicrous trophy.

Look at me. Huzzah!


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