Madam Signage Sunday An American DinerThis sign appealed to me so much when I saw it in August.

Obviously, that was on my recent visit to New York – you know the one I’ve been going on about since I got back from the shoot.

Incidentally, we’ve been working on the little film I was there to do – Baking is the smell of love – in the background at Rethink.

We’ve been tweaking things and we should have a few shots to share very soon. Foolish shots of cake.

The film is all about how cakes are like mini time machines, that can take you straight back to your childhood and particularly to your mother. By baking, we connect with something good from our pasts; something bigger than ourselves. Even though we don’t realise it directly, I think this is why cakes make us feel quite so very good.

Well that and the taste. Yum

And as it happens, I’ve been testing cakes for our new recipe book. Like a thing possessed I’ve been making a cake a day for weeks now. There have been some corkers: an absolutely astounding red velvet and a fabulous apple and walnut cake.

Hop over to our facebook page to see the latest cakes to drool over.

Anyway – back to today’s sign. A rather lovely fancy burger place, the Five Napkin Burger, which uses the tag line ‘an American bar & grill’.

This tickled me… as quiet patently, that is the least of it’s charms. It is an American Diner, that is absolutely true. But really, is that the only thing they could think to say about it?

Surely, every bar in the US can say that about itself?

Mind you, it did look like a great bar. But, all the same…


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