Madam -  bringing back sexy in AmsterdamCheck this chap out!

I was in Amsterdam last weekend, visiting the newly refurbished Rijks Museum. Which was looking stunning after it’s 10 year refit.

But not quite as stunning as this feller.

Not only is he looking utterly resplendent in his outfit – complete with sash above his beer belly – but he is part of an active militia. So that’s a soldier boy, right there.

Look at the look on the bloke carrying the gun behind him. A look, he must have held for each one of the sittings for the painting. Marvellous.

And the socks – check out the flounces round the ankles and calves.

And for that matter, the serious chap, him with the gun and the look of disgust at Mr Flouncy: he’s wearing a nice t-bar sandal with a flounce and very fancy socks himself. Very military

And lets not forget that the Dutch were in the height of their naval ascendency at this point. It’s not long after they’d sailed into Chatham harbour in the UK and stolen the Kings’ ship. From his own harbour! And as a sign of their strength, they towed it home and… scrapped it.

That must have ticked off Charles a smidge.

And that kind of cockiness is probably what brings a man to wear this bold outfit to the battlefield. I say again, marvellous.

And as it is so marvellous, I hope you’ll forgive me for not bringing you a sign today – but instead a ‘sign’ of the times (oooh, did you see what I did there?!)


This is part of the Signage Sunday series where much that is sign based, and some that is not, but all that is foolish is brought before you for your delictation.

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