Madam: Girlish rabbitWTF?

I know I should probably have a more sophisticated response to these perplexing sticky notes.

After all I can see the rabbit is girlish: it’s wearing a pink ribbon.

And I can see that the pandas are different – one eats, one has a small toy, or possibly a kiddy, I suppose given the name.

But there my logic can’t get past. I understand a lot of the young consumers of these products might not have English as their first language.

But must we continue their lack of comprehension of our fine language with this appalling and nonsensical naming of things they’ll see every day?

I think not.

Though I suppose it’s possible that these are popular and beloved TV characters here and I am simply chaffing at the same bit that would have lead to me a complete lack of understanding of the telly tubbies if I only viewed them from their spin off products.

Madam: naughty pandaThough right enough – they are very, very strange as characters.

And have you seen ‘In the midnight garden’? It’s like some prolonged acid trip. I say again, wtf?

But I digress – as ever. So lest I get more vague, I shall finish this here and leave you only with this: Keen eyed readers will realise the day I saw these was the day that the tills stopped working.

But do not fear, gentle reader, it was not a hoard of girlish rabbit notes that held me up at the till. No, these: these I spurned.

I’m interested in the culture, not a complete fool…


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