Madam - at the risk of seeming obsessedThis evening, I walked past the pavement substation I mentioned on Wednesday.

The one with the bottle covering the pointy bit of death (I may not have the entire technical name correct there, but you get my point).

And for you gentle reader, and the sake of full reporting, I took a better picture showing the bottle/electricity situation.

As you know, I don’t like to hang about round there – the static electricity is something chronic near them for a start, although that may well be my imagination. But for you, I stood about in bad light and took better pics.

I remind you once again, that this safety officers nightmare is at eye level.

And that it’s fairly common.

The lovely lady I was meeting for coffee, fell about laughing at my photo. And as she wiped the tears from her eyes, murmured, ‘it’s amazing what you get used to. You forget that this isn’t the way it is everywhere.’

Wise words, and quite so.


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