Madam - achieve your goals free video trainingOr rather, I seem to regularly eat ants.

Not in bulk, just one at a time. And not all the time, just now and then.

This isn’t a new Indian delicacy I’m trying – it seems that tiny ants have decided to occasionally move through my kitchen. Which is fair enough, it’s a warm country and all that, a certain amount of wildlife is expected.

But recently when I boil the kettle I find a little later that there’s an ant in my tea. Boiled presumably. And always ant singular, never plural. Thankfully.

I have no idea why ants would like the inside of kettles – salt perhaps from the hard water build up? Or maybe just the need for water like any other living creature? But either way it’s odd.

It is very, very strange that there’s only ever one ant at a time. But it’s not something you want to find floating in your tea

Anyway, lovely reader – it’s very late here and I should really get on. I’ve been working like a demon on my new course and lots of free stuff. The first part of that is a free training on how to blast through blocks and achieve your goals.

Goals like working from anywhere in the world, not eating ants. That would be a silly goal.

Right, patently I’m rambling now, I’m off to my bed. I’ve been working a lot of late nights getting all this new stuff to you. It’s really very good, if I do say so myself. So do hop over and check it out here. You just need to drop your email in the box on that page and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals more easily in just ten minutes.

Good, eh?


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