madam-turning-signYou see this sign all over Bangalore.

As you can see, it demonstrates the correct way to make a turn against oncoming traffic at a traffic light:

Move to the right lane, and turn from there.

The underlying message is – do not simply stay in your current lane and make any decision about where to go next, based purely on your own whims and desires.

Needless to say – the mere fact that they need a sign for this, screams fairly strongly that this is not happening. In fact, it so isn’t happening that usually all the traffic foul ups are around traffic lights.

On my old route home from work, there was only one traffic light between the office and home – on a good day, when it wasn’t peak time, the journey would take about 20 minutes. But at rush hour, when thousands of people were all squishing into the same few turn lanes, criss crossing lanes and pouring out of the big company car parks nearby to foul things up even more… well the same drive could easily take 80 minutes. And most of that was due to the complete stack of cars making turn decisions from ridiculous places at this one, single, solitary traffic light.

Which is why, I’m rather fond of this sign. You know it’s not going to be taken notice of, but bless them for trying.


Part of the series ‘Signage Sundays’. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with signage in this country.

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