What’s Rethink Retreats all about?

Rethink light bulbAs well as run about India being lightly amused by all manner of things, I also run a stress management & coaching company called Rethink Retreats.

I’ve learned a lot from all those nights locked in small rooms with stressed out film professionals. Generally, we could all do with slightly better posture, we should consider our long term goals and a nice piece of cake always makes things better.

Executive coaching can help in many ways, but basically it comes down to this – we can all make better decisions, and we can all feel better about ourselves.

But the cake thing’s pretty important too.

If you’re interested, have a look at the Rethink website here www.rethinkretreats.com – it’s very nice. We do week long intensive courses in beautiful locations all over the world.

We also have a shiny YouTube channel which is chock full of tips and tricks to smooth and soothe your day. We have a regular 5 minute yoga series, so you can sneak yoga into your day without stressing about getting to the gym. And that’s where you can find all the 1 minute yoga holidays as they’re released.

There’s all sorts of other stuff coming up too.  We cover everything from how to sit for long hours without harming your back – to how to not burst into tears at work. As I said, I have some experience of stress in the work place…

I’ve also got a sister website to Rethink called Not Got Much In – which is full of recipes for the stressed over worked individual. And a lot of very lovely, very easy cake recipes. There’s even a free cake book for you to download.

I may be obsessed by cake.