Madam - it's a parcelAh now, here will be a real loss for me.

I love the food here.

Where else can I eat so easily as a vegetarian? There are veggie restaurants everywhere you turn – ‘pure veg’ at that. So no eggs and no chance of contamination with meat in any form as it’s just not cooked there.

I’d never think to eat in veggie places in the West as I don’t like to feel I’m being ‘gheto-ised’ into eating somewhere lentil based.

But here it’s a common thing.

And there are so many great cuisines – the lovely Keralan food I grew to love when I lived there. Fine chopped coconut dishes and creamy curries, and thick spicy dhals.

And the spicier Andhra food with its tandoor veg and spice.

And of course my beloved Punjabi creamy dhals and ‘classic’ Indian food as it’s known worldwide.

Fortunately, I am told there is a huge and thriving Indian community in Toronto. And indeed, it does seems everyone I know here has family there – so I hope to keep my tastebuds popping with healthy spicy food for a long time to come.

Plus I’ll get a little more variety there than here. It gets a little wearing not to have quite as much choice as I would like.

I love thai food for instance – and for reasons I can’t fathom considering the proximity of the place… thai food is universally dreadful here. Which makes no sense to me, but there you go.


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