Madam Bangalore blue skiesI get SAD in the winter in Europe.

That’s Seasonal Adjusted Depression, if you’re not in the know.

Which means that if it’s so grey and dark that I see so little daylight, eventually I start getting grey and dark on the inside too.

The way to fix this is to get a special light to combat the lack of sunlight hitting the back of your eyes and triggering the happy chemicals in your brain. They’re big, ugly and expensive – as they pump out light at the right wavelength and brightness to convince the brain it’s outside, but not so bright that you’re searing your tender eyeballs out of your head.

Or you can use a ‘daylight simulator’ alarm clock – which gently gets brighter closer to your getting up time. Your body is thus tricked into thinking, ‘oh look, sunrise. It must be time to get up’, rather than ‘dear Lord, it’s pitch black and the middle of the night. Why are you torturing me with this?’

Best of all, was getting away somewhere tropical and topping up on actual sunlight during the winter.

Madam Bangalore blue skies dragonfliesActually strike that, best of all was moving somewhere tropical all year round. Well, that and not working in film anymore, so I actually go outside sometimes rather than sitting in vast dark rooms with other film geeks.

Anyway, soon enough my time will be over in India (more of that next week) and I will be back in a country where there’s dark winters and cold nights. I’m not that excited about it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong a new country will be lovely – and absolutely the right move for me… but dark nights? No blue skies? Cold? Hmmm

So, till then – I’m happily sitting on my balcony soaking up the warmth and the blue skies in November. Yesterday, after I finished working with a lovely new mastermind group, I sat out on the balcony and basked in this stunningly blue sky.

Look at it – not a cloud to be seen. Fabulous.

Happy clients, a job well done, warm and with beautiful skies to look at – how could I not be content?

So, I thought I’d share all that with you.


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