Madam - lifes more colourful here - laundryNot just India is more colourful; I’m more colourful here.

Those of you that know me from London, will know I’m a dedicated wearer of the go-to media colour: black.

You’ll have heard me say: that if I buy something, sooner or later I’ll look at it and think, I’d wear that more often if it was black.

So gradually over the years I just started doing that.

If everything is black, you know it’ll all match at the very least.

I would occasionally branch out into a little jade, perhaps a pop of red.

But overall the whole thing was black with a colour accent at most.

My weekly wash was black, and there would be a tiny pile of colour that would take forever to build up into a large enough pile to bother running the washing machine. And the white pile would take months to get past a few lonely socks.

Not so in india. Behold my jewel coloured laundry.

Madam - lifes more colourful here - laundry 2I have a green wash now.

I have an entirely orange wash. Oh yes.

I realise this is probably of no interest to most of you, but it is a seismic shift for me. And my wardrobe.

My fabulous yoga teacher, the lovely Jyoti Sharma (who does our fantastic 5 minute yoga series on the Rethink Retreats blog), fairly often says of me, that I ‘wear so much of bright colours’.

It always makes me giggle. I think of my media film days – and the dour dreadful weather in London, that makes black seem like the only option… and I just plain giggle.


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Or if you’re feeling fluffy – do please let me know what colours you separate your laundry into in the comments. Yes I know it’s shallow, but I never claimed to be deep now did I?