Rash driving sign on carThis delightful sign is occasionally seen on larger fancy cars – the Tata Sumo seems to often sport it. They’re the sort hotels use to transport western workers about. And seeing it, never fails to amuse me.

First of all there’s the exact wording – not the cheerful Americanism of ‘how am I driving?’ – but the lovely  idea of rash driving.

And let’s face it, I see this cheery little sign in Bangalore, which whilst trying very hard to be a futuristic IT city on the move; is actually, millions of people involved in a continual, barely moving traffic jam.

You regularly see people driving on the pavement to get round traffic snags – five or six lanes are common where two would be sensible and certainly what the road markings were hoping for. Overtaking on the inside is de rigueur, and if your side of the road is blocked – well then, feel utterly free to drive boldly the wrong way down the other side of the road. It’s not even worth noting if you see a car coming towards you, in the middle lane of your direction. So not only on the wrong side of the road but flanked on both sides by cars going in the other direction.

Rash driving sign on Tata 4 wheel driveAnd we only mention the camel we occasionally see on the road near work as it’s usually got a fancy headdress on and I like the colour. I mean really, it’s a camel, in traffic – and it’s not really worth mentioning other than for the colour of its hat? That is quite startlingly unusual in most countries. But not in India.

So, considering all this – just exactly how rash would the driving have to be for another road user to scream ‘I’m outraged – that is so… RASH – pass me the phone’

I shudder to think. Although when I do think about it, I may have seen that sort of noteworthy driving. When I was off checking out a potential venue for Rethink, I did see a car driving down the middle of the centre divide on the freeway a few years back… even here, that seemed a bit rash.