Madam - Bruno Ferrari chefThere’s a fancy new Marriott hotel opened in downtown Bangalore and they do a cracking breakfast.

I’m very partial to a lavish breakfast. It’s without doubt, my favourite meal.

Purveyors of buffets at fancy places are probably not ready for the onslaught of the many, many courses I am prepared to get through, to feel replete for the whole day.

No small bowl of muesli and a croissant for me. Oh no. I’m there for the long haul.

You can see the staff looking a smidge anxious that I’ll still be there for lunch.

And the breakfast at the JW Marriott downtown is excellent. This isn’t a paid advert, I assure you, it’s just that good. Plus, it’s good value if you consider that both times I’ve been there, I’ve not needed more food for days afterwards

Taxi to the pavement for table one please, they’ve over eaten… again.

Anyway, as I waddled away from the table on Diwali weekend just gone, planning to wander lightly in the handily located Cubbon Park – in a faint attempt to walk off the many courses – we were confronted with this god awful sexist tripe pictured on the way out.

Look at it. An Italian chef, who’s name is apparently Ferrari – so they’ve posed him with a couple of women styled in the most vacuous way possible. They’re not exactly there to review the food of an evening, are they?

Everyone of my feminist hackles went up and I am certain I will not be frequenting the place of an evening. How appallingly crass it is.

It really rather took the edge of the breakfast – particularly having just met the lovely lead chef for the breakfast buffet. An urbane and charming family man, who I’m reasonably certain, would not be pushing his hollandaise sauce by pointless use of a couple of scantily clad lovelies.

Really Marriott, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Why objectify women, when the actual food is more than good enough to be your selling point?



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