Please revertNow, this is the secret to the universe. Well, lets not carried away – perhaps only the secret to the Indian business universe.

This phrase added at the bottom of your email will result in magical things; people will actually reply.


And with information you require.

Frankly, in India, that can be nothing short
of miraculous.

An American chum has recently started adding this to her work emails and has seen an overnight transformation. She no longer feels she’s flinging emails into the void. She gets replies; timely replies, full of all the things she needs to know. Well perhaps not everything she needs to know – lets not be foolish. But she certainly gets replies when she wasn’t getting any at all. It’s nothing less than a total reversal. All from two words.

Without those two magic words, people read your mail (presumably) and then go about their business having taken no action whatsoever (quite definitely).

So, note it well. No need for ‘please revert back to me’ – go straight for the slightly curt sounding ‘please revert’ and the world of business email will be your lobster.

PS you can also use it in conversation – are we going to the movies on Saturday night? – I’ll revert.

Not romantic, but once you get the hang of it, very clear.

If you’d like to comment – please revert.

And for more of this sort of thing, have a look at Have you reached and It’s not a return ticket.


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