Oooh, the blog’s up for an award. Exciting eh?   It’s for expats that blog.  That’s me, that is.

Press the shiny, slightly lurid, vote button  and it’ll take you to a page filled full ofVote the best IX12 blog obviously inferior blogs. Scroll down (yes it’s a long way) and pick ‘madam, let me tell you one thing’. And then scroll even further to the ‘vote’ button. And you have performed a kindness. Commence feeling warm and fuzzy

It’d be great to win – or even place at all – I’ve not won anything proper since my Brownie path finder badge when I was 7…     Go on, press it, press it.

Have you pressed it? Really – how kind.

Now then, don’t get too excited you’re only allowed to press it once – but should you kind people have some friends that are also kind… and you told them to come here, they could press it too.

Of course, the award is not exactly a pulitzer, it’s from some online thing I’ve never heard of – and there’s no actual prize per se. But it would be awfully nice to have some more visitors thumbing through the posts.

So thank you for telling all your friends and pushing the button yourself.