golden temple AmritsarI’m back from London, now.

And already off on my travels again. I’m currently in the foothills of the Himalayas.

And I was in Amritsar over the weekend.

So, finally I had a chance to see the Golden Temple.

It was bewitching. Truly everything I’d heard about it was true – amazing calm, spiritual atmosphere, great architecture and lovely food at the free kitchen. Apparently on an average day they serve around 40,000 people. That’s a lot of dhal.

I was extremely excited to see the temple; it’s been on my list for a very long time. And it didn’t disappoint.

I actually saw it as we flew in – sadly the main temple wasn’t catching the light. But I’ve heard people say that they’ve seen the gold on the roof shining brightly. But it was great to see it all laid out from above… and I was lucky enough to be staying in a hotel right next to it – really, it couldn’t have been nearer. My plan was to arrive and immediately dash over there, but I was a bit tired and decided to have a 20 minute nap.

Apparently I was rather more tired than I realised. The nap lasted over two hours. Ahem.

And lovely as I’m sure it is at night, I wanted my first look to be while I was fresh, so I could take it all in. When you’ve waited years to see something, you don’t want to roll up bleary eyed – glance round and think, ‘nice, I’ll be back tomorrow.’ Least ways, I didn’t fancy that.

Mind you there are lots of people who really have to compact their visit. The lovely chap I was sitting next to on the way up from Delhi succinctly put it: he was just nipping up from Delhi for the night as he wanted to ‘pay his respects to the god’.

The god. Not a god, or my god, but the god.

How lovely.

I do love living in a world, where it’s possible to fly up and say hello to your god on a whim.

Right, enough for now. I’m writing this just before a yoga class and I must get ready. This is of course all research for venues and events for Rethink Retreats.

Yes, it’s a hard life.

PS: No sign of McDonalds yet in Amritsar.


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