madam - new york pavementSo, as I mentioned on Saturday, I’m travelling again.

I know, poor me, eh? But I’m being very brave about it…

Anyway, last week I was in New York and as I write this, I’m in the rainforest in the south of Costa Rica.

And as it is the rainforest – it’s raining. A lot.

I’m in a fancy eco-lodge right up in the trees, my room has the forest surrounding me and all around me I can see sheet lightening and hear the storm roll past. It is quit spellbindingly beautiful.

It has however been going on for a while which is how I can drag myself away from it all to write this for you. Nature, after all, does tend to go on a bit…

I’ll write more about Costa Rica and why I’m here later (short answer it’s partly for Rethink Retreats and partly just for me). What I wanted to discuss this week was my reaction to NYC having not been there for ages and having been in India most of the interim.

I spent a long summer working in NY about 15 years back and I’ve felt slightly proprietorial about it ever since. Everyone does – it’s hard not to feel strongly about the city one way or another. I was working at a really great studio and met a chunk of lovely people, plus it’s such a fascinating place to be.

I think it’s got even better museums and galleries than Paris or London and everywhere you walk you can see beautiful things. Those amazing skyscrapers… I spent so much time staring up last week my neck began to ache.

But this visit, the thing that took my eye most – the thing I got most excited about?

It was the fact I could walk, the fact I could stroll about (heck, march about) on those stunningly well made, beautiful pavements.

Man, I have missed walking – India just doesn’t have decent pavementing. It’s either non-existent or so full of holes you need to stare at your feet all the time or risk falling in a drain. And that is something you most definitely do not want to happen anywhere, but definitely not in India. Eeew. Or just occasionally there is pavement, but it is so sodding high, to cope with the monsoon rains, and so broken up for entrances and side roads and things, that it’s like climbing up and down a staircase every few steps.

So there I was last week, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… loving the floor more than anything else.

India, you have really got to up your game. Look what you’re doing to me.


Next week I’ll be showing you why even just parking near the pavement can be a hair raising experience

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