Madam - parked cowsAnother in the occasional series ‘You can tell you’re acclimatised when…”

A simple post for you this week.

I saw this row of motorbikes with a couple of casual cows parked up at the end, and it made me smile.

When you’re not used to it, seeing some dairy cows just lurking about town chewing the cud, seems odd.

But when you’ve been here a while, it’s just another day at the office.

Free range cows like this are everywhere here, just wandering about it traffic. Lightly getting in the way, but mostly just getting on with the business of being a cow. Often they’re in ones and twos, sometimes in herds. But rarely accompanied by their owners till late in the day.

Poor things have an appalling diet of rubbish – utterly filled full of toxins. In fact, one of the least healthy ways to get milk here, is straight from the dairy. You want that stuff, pasteurised before you get anywhere near it.

There are three main ways to get fresh milk. You can collect it direct from the dairy (which is probably a curbside tree and some ladies with a bucket). Check the cow in the city post on what that might look like.

Madam - parked cows headonNext step up, is bags of milk. They’re reasonably ok, but seem to go off in seconds. We used to joke that you had to run all the way home once you bought some. Even just the heat on a five minute trip can curdle that milk.

And then, there’s the fancy tetrapack type milk. Middle class, packaging heavy, expensive stuff. Long life too, so you know it’s been treated to avoid the whole death by toxin stuff. It’s exactly the sort of milk I avoid in the UK, as I try and only drink organic there.

But after seeing what the cows eat here if it’s not standardised (mostly rubbish and plastic) – I drink the expensive over produced stuff every time here.


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