Madam - So expensive – it’s blurredI’m in London for the next few weeks.

Though I’ll still be blogging about India as much as ever. Never fear.

As although it’s lovely to catch up with my friends and clients, I’m missing India lots.

It’s not simply because the weather here is dreadful, but everything is so expensive. Good god, I’m out of touch. The hotel I stayed in on Saturday night was selling a bottle of water in the room for £5.50.

I mean, I know it was a hotel, and in the room and all…. but really, that’s outrageous.

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy this little snippet of conversation I overheard yesterday.

I was in Covent Garden and I walked past a harried camp looking man, very dapper, who was hissing into his phone:

‘Don’t tell me I don’t pull my weight in this relationship – I spent four hours with your mother on Sunday’

He absolutely squeeze the word ‘mother’ out through tense lips. Giving the whole nightmare event in one small world

And really, four hours alone with the in-laws is more than pulling your weight in most cases.

Nuff, said.


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