Rethink Retreats secret filming sign

Hello you!

Forgive my excitement, but I’m just back from the Rethink Retreats super secret filming in London.

It was an utter delight – we had a day with some of our favourite trainers giving us a full day of practical things you can do right now to deal with stress.

I did a little thing on time management tips I’d learned in all those years of film (and quite a few tips on stress management – man people really need to chill out in film!).

And we listened to great things from Jamie about stress and it’s affect on the body, Chris, our nutritionist, about how to eat for stress and we had our favourite yoga bod, Nova in to show us ways to descrunch from all the office work.

All that and we tested our new ‘brain’ teas from Chris and three of the cakes from our soon to be released healthy cake ebook.

Imagine – cake… but it’s healthy! Apparently it is possible to realise  all your dreams!

The day was frankly a triumph. And not without it’s usual quirky Rethink moments – take the sign in the picture… showing the way to our super secret filming. Droll, eh?!

And should any of this have piqued your interest – I’m going to put it all together into an online course which will be available soon. Well soonish – there’s quite a lot that goes into a big fat online course and I seem to be just a smidge busy fighting eagles off my roof since I got back – but more of that in a blog post soon…

I’ll also put some little stress tips on YouTube, so you can get a flavour and de-stress a bit – and of course you can get your hands on the cake book soon, it’ll be free with joining one of our other newsletters.

Sorry, to go on – but I’m awfully excited. All this is the fruit of being full time on Rethink since I left Dreamworks. Wait till Chanakya deal launches… that’s my daily deal site in Bangalore. I may explode from excitement!

And now back to our usual blog content of India – what a lovely but slightly odd place you are…

Ps if you really can’t wait to see some cool videos – check out this fab speed drawing we had done on how to get to the Russell Square venue in London