Madam - View from the office - Tuesday 14 August

Yes, yes, I know, I’m a hideous person, taunting you with these beautiful images of my ‘office’.

It’s probably raining where you are, and this is the last thing you want to see.

And worse than that, I’m actually lying to you.

Awful, eh?

You see this isn’t strictly speaking the view from where I’m working at this very moment. I’d have to stand up and walk perhaps 60 foot to be able to see this beach. From where I type I can only see a thin sliver of sand.

Though I can see a great deal of azure ocean, but perhaps, I’d best keep quiet about that…

So, where am I?

Well, glad you asked (and I’m just going to ignore it, if you didn’t ask). I’m still in Sri Lanka, but I’ve moved on from the yoga retreat, and am now near Galle safely ensconced in a tiny boutique hotel replete with 5 star service. Oh how my Rethink Retreats clients would love it here.  It’s 10 rooms as well, so would work perfectly for a fancy executive retreat.

The garden is full of birds and wildlife – and right now I can see a monitor lizard waddle through the garden right. It’s at least two foot long and is heading straight for the hammock where an idle vacationer lolls… that might well result in a screech very soon. They’re not very attractive and they’re much bigger than reptile life you might sensibly expect to see over your best seller.

They’re quite common here; I saw one march over the grass near the pool at the yoga retreat and it must have been three and a half feet long. That’s a very big lizard… or it is if you grow up in a world without lizards, as I did. We’re not big on reptiles in Ireland. Starting with St Patrick we’ve been rather against them.

Madam - monitor lizardI’ve dug out this picture from last years trip so you can get the full lizard effect.  This one was of a water monitor lounging about on a log near the, er, water.

It was taken in Bentota, which is about 90 minutes north of Galle. I think, though I’m not certain, that these are larger than land monitors – but that’s really based on nothing but the fact the ones I’ve seen on land have been smaller, and a vague desire for the ones that might wander into my room not being six feet long.  As you can see, the water ones are a bit more flash in the stripes department too.

I saw this one when I went on a little floating excursion with a wildlife photographer pal last time I was over here. We saw all sorts of snakes and lizards and things hanging about in trees near the water. So by showing you this picture of one of them, I’m making this post actually educational and not simply boasting about not being in a traditional office. Ahem.

Incidentally, Rodrigo, my photographer pal took really wonderful pictures on that trip – check his work out here.

Anyway, enough of this – I must return to work. It’s all very well being in paradise, but deadlines are still deadlines.

More soon, my lovely reader – I’m back in India next week so normal service will be resumed…

Oh, wait, one of the charming staff has just informed me tea has been served on the veranda. And apparently there’s talk of cake. How civilised.

So perhaps I’ll forestall the return to work for a moment.

Cake is, after all, important.


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