Madam - Sri lanka office 6 AugI’m in Sri Lanka for the next couple of weeks – doing research for Rethink Central.

No really, I am.

I’m checking out hotels, looking at venues and ‘testing’ yoga classes.

Yes it’s a hard life. But I grit my teeth through it for the good of the company. I’m like that – utterly selfless.

At present I’m near Matara, in the south of the island, having a rare old time at a beautiful retreat right on Talalla Beach.

This morning, as I started work (yes I still work, even here), I could hear bird song. And as I have a hip open air bathroom, had to make sure that my things were put away so that monkeys didn’t sneak in and make off with the shiny things. I’m fond of a shiny thing myself, so I have to do a double check before leaving for the pool (sorry, I mean office).

Being in Sri Lanka is giving me lots of new material about Indian English – as the differences with Sri Lankan English remind me what used to stand out in India. So watch this space for fresh posts.

In the meantime – I shall be mostly wearing my sarong internally

Do comment below – I love to know I’m making people green with jealousy… oh, I mean, know what you, my loving reader is up to!


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