Madam - not tediousI was deeply confused by this sign when I first saw it.

And having walked past it many times, I was still confused.

First off there’s the fact it’s full of abbreviations – which is very common in India. For some reason, people here really seem to love an abbreviation.

You’re often introduced to people as ‘this is VJ and this is RJ and this is LK’.

As I’m dyslexic I find this incredibly confusing. I’m left with a vague feeling of letters and no idea which ones to attach to which people. Rather embarrassing if you’re working with these charming people, who not unreasonably believe you know their name. Or their letters…

But it doesn’t stop there – not only names but sporting events, even medical terms are shortened to their initials. I had no idea what I was being asked about when someone asked me how my ‘bp’ was… turns out it was blood pressure.

Which in itself always seems an odd thing to ask after, but somehow seems to come up rather a lot in Indian conversation. They’re a polite lot and frankly worry if you’re stressed, light headed or over doing it in anyway – hence the interest in your ‘bp’.

Anyway, turns out that the ‘TDS’ on this sign is ‘tax deducted at source’.

Right, well that makes it a bit clearer. It’s about tax and about an accounting firm or system that can make it a bit easier to understand. Ok.

But once you’re past the ‘huh?’ part of what it’s on about, it rather fails in it’s function as a drive-by hoarding.

There’s way too much info on there – there’s even a tiny url for gods sake. How do they expect someone to read all that as they whizz past in a car?

Are they seriously expecting people to slow down, squint at the hard to read orange tiny url info and scribble it down? I don’t know about you, but if I can’t click on one of those things, I find it hell on earth trying to get them typed in.

But then I am dyslexic, so it might just be that.

I think not though. I think, and forgive me being blunt here, I think it’s just a rather crap sign.

There, I’ve said it!

But at least it’s not tedious. Oh, wait…


This sign is part of our regular series, Signage Sundays, where I indulge my obsession for all things sign related (and, I confess, occasionally, a few things that aren’t sign related – but it is mostly signs, and mostly Indian signs at that).

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