Madam - not even out of the packagingTiny little thing for you this week.

And I confess I’m rather stretching the concept of Signage Sunday, even by my own very broad standards.

But I spotted this in the frame shop I recently went to and had to share.

Obviously, when you buy a frame there’s a lot of calculations – how big is it, how wide it the border, how much mounting card. All that stuff is complex calculation on a day to day basis, so you’re going to need a calculator.

And they had one, obviously a nice one and one they’d had for years.

But get this – that’s it still in the box it came in. The one with the open side so you can get a feel for how the buttons feel when you push them.

For reasons I cannot even begin to fathom – they’d never taken it out of the packet.


Really, why wouldn’t you do that?

It wasn’t cleaner to use it like that (and I’ve seen calculators in messy environments like workshops nicely shrouded in protective plastic). No this was getting grubby because you can touch it.

It was a nice calculator – but not that nice a model.

So, what on earth was going on here?

Your suggestions gratefully received, as I haven’t got a Scooby.

And to make the whole day weirder, it was directly after this that I stopped in to the fancy supermarket and they were actually handwriting receipts. A very strange day all round


This is part of Signage Sunday – and yes I am aware that this isn’t close to an actual sign – though it was in a frame shop, which I suppose is just a tiny bit like an sign. No? Sigh. well the whole ‘sign’ concept is fairly loose anyway. But if you must have a sign, why not check out these other actual sign based posts

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