Madam - normal for norfolk I’m now back in India, but this lovely sign is from last weekend’s visit to Norfolk.

It’s actually rather clever, because it references something that’s a bit of a joke for people outside Norfolk.

You see, Norfolk it known for being rather… well there’s no nice way to put this… rather interbred. There I’ve said it. It’s a large rural community and for centuries it was very cut off from things. And during that time there would have been a certain lack of, er, new blood in some of the smaller hamlets.

As a result of this (and really, this happens), there are some slightly odd medical issues that crop up in the population here.

So much so, that doctors will sometimes put on patients’ notes ‘NFN’.

Which, god help us, stands for ‘Normal for Norfolk’.

Outrageous, eh?

But apparently necessary as normal here, isn’t quite the same as normal elsewhere…

So how nice that instead of getting all offended, this little shop has embraced the whole thing and bravely named itself, Normal for Norfolk.

Brazen. We like.


Next week normal service will be resumed as I’ll be back on track with Indian things as I’m back in country (as the visa people put it).


This sign is part of a new series of ‘Signage Sundays’. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with signage.

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