Madam - no hairstyleA client showed me this pic on her phone and I insisted that she hand it over for Signage Sunday.

Which luckily she kindly did, so that you, dear reader, can share the simple joy that is this holy image of the god.

It’s nicely framed, covered in flowers and handily displayed in a lobby at eye level.

Nice. A spot of devotion in your day.


Well apparently not everyone thinks the same. Some people have been using the shiny glass front as a mirror.

More specifically they’ve been checking they look good before going up to their meetings.


Hence why, if you look carefully, you’ll see top right, a small sign perched on top of the god’s display case, saying ‘no hair style’.


Bear in mind that in the Hindu religion, to all intents and purposes, an image of the god is the god. So it really isn’t on to be making sure you look gorgeous by peering at yourself and not paying your respects to the god in the image.

But people do behave like this. It must be prevented. So there must be a slightly sniffy sign.

Which people will, obviously, ignore.

But there’s a sign to be clear that you’re not meant to be doing it.

Right there, in all that ‘we know you’re going to do this anyway, but we’re asking you not to, even though you’ll carry on just as you were’ is the reason I love India.


This sign is part of our regular series, Signage Sundays, where I indulge my obsession for all things sign related (and, I confess, occasionally, a few things that aren’t sign related – but it is mostly signs, and mostly Indian signs at that).

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