Madam - no discount on traffic rules

So it turns out that last week’s freaky traffic sign is part of a series.

I’ve seen a few of them now, but only been able to photograph two of them.

There’s one with a line of ants, I’ve seen. But not even understood yet.

But for you, dear reader, I will track it down and work out what the hell it’s about. I will even stand in traffic and risk all to get a snap of it… well perhaps not, no need to be foolish about this. But I might lean out of a cab window for you. Yes, I care that much.

Now before we get to this weeks’ sign, I’d also like us to pause for a moment and consider how crap is a traffic sign, that it can be as big as a house and you still can’t work out what it’s on about..?

Anyway, moving on to this week’s surreal contender:

Peak hours. Happy Hours

After hours or late hours.

No discount on traffic rules.

Follow 24×7

And then what you can’t quite see from this angle, is that the picture is a woman in a fast food outlet holding a tray of food. If I remember correctly some paratha and dahl. And the big sign in front of her shows the times for happy hours and food discounts.

Frankly, it’s just downright odd.

Bear in mind this is supposed to be encouraging people to drive more safely.

I say again, as I did last week – WTF?!


This sign is part of a new series of ‘Signage Sundays’. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with signage.

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