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You, in Canada? I can’t see it.

And WHY are you moving to Toronto?

That’s been pretty much the universal reaction from my friends, to my announcement that I’m off to chillier climes come April.

Not just in Canada for a visit either, but living there all year round?

Hold your horses now! I shan’t be spending the winters there, lets not be foolish. I just don’t do the cold. I whinge about the chill in Bangalore for God’s sake. Here, I can regularly be found expounding on the subject that, ‘I didn’t move to the tropics to have to sleep with a duvet on the bed and the window shut.’

Well buckle up Scully, you’re in for a chilly wake up call.

In Canada, my life will once again be filled with many layers, thermals – gads – even socks. Shiver.

Now I realise that this whole, reading a blog about India and suddenly there’s talk of Canada is a bit of a shock for you, gentle reader. And you’ve got questions, it’s natural – so here’s a few answers to go with them.

So, why Toronto?

Well the vast majority of my clients are in the US and mostly on the East Coast. So I’ll be able to slide down and see them easily enough.

And I’ll be able to go to conferences and masterminds without factoring in a 30 hour flight and many thousands of dollars of extra costs with hotels and flights. So a world of networking and speaking opens up.

I’ll be able to run events more easily and I’ve been building contacts in Canada for a while now without realising I might eventually live there. So it’s all good professionally for me to be on that side of the world.

Hang on, if you’re clients are in the US, why are you moving to Canada?

Ah – you spotted that, eh?

Yes, well, you see there’s another reason I’m moving there: a partner shaped reason.

Yes, you see I’m moving to Toronto specifically because my man lives there. We’ve been slowly moving towards getting it together for a long time – and now that we have, it’s just a smidge tricky being 8500 miles apart.

He needs to be in Toronto for few years more before we can move somewhere warm (and palm tree infested) – so in the meantime, as I’m the one that can work from anywhere… well I’m the one picking out thermals .

I’ll move in May (after a happy month in London) and spend the summer there. I’ve been assured they do have summer on a grand scale in Toronto, and I do have a vague memory of being actively warm there in July, so I tend to believe this. Then, once it gets proper chilly again, I’ll skip back somewhere warm – probably back to India for a few months and then shuttle to and fro for a bit, till it’s not -20 celsius in Canada and then I’ll be back for the warmer bits. All well and good.

So there you go. Me, in Canada. But not in the winter.


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