Madam - near organic keggsSigh, where do you start with these?

The name – keggs? No, it’s unpleasant, but I’ll let it pass.

The serving suggestions – half boiled, fried, poached?

Oh you mean, use them like… eggs.

I’m tempted to start in on ‘half boiling’  – it sounds so much more disgusting than ‘hard boiling’.

But no, we’ll go straight to the bit that had me shriek with laughter when I saw them.  So can you see a problem with the eggs?

That’s right, they’re near organic eggs.

What?! What on earth are near organic eggs. Even the box is a little vague about what they are – it witters on about how the eggs come from chickens not give growth hormones and lots of chemicals.

Doesn’t say a single word about the conditions of the hens. Nothing. Poor bastards are probably cooped up all day in tiny little cruel pens and have deformed feet and no feathers from picking on each other all day.

And you see that all the time – many of the street ‘chicken shops’ have a little rack of battery farmed chickens – in tiny one foot cages. They’re packed in like… well chickens, and there’s always a couple in there that are bald round the neck and covered in scabs. Eeew.

And these fine eggs, may well come from that sort of chickens as it says no one word about the quality of the life of the chickens just what they’re fed. So the other half of organic farming – welfare of the creatures – has just been ignored.

Another interesting point is that obviously these are a premium product – fancy box, fancy shopping outlet. And to stop people from simply buying a box and then passing off cheap and inferior chemical laden eggs as their precious ‘near organic’ eggs – they recommend you destroy the box after use.

Madam - prevent misuseSheesh.


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