Madam - new years resolutionSo, I’ve made a resolution.

I don’t normally do this, but this year, well it seemed appropriate.

I actually made it on Christmas Day, as I realised that my time living in India is coming to a close.

Not that I won’t be visiting a lot, not that I won’t be running businesses here – but I won’t be living here for that much longer.

It was always my plan to live here for seven years and then move on to my planned long term home in Sri Lanka. I adore it there and visit often.

But since I’ve left the job I came out here to do, and can now work from anywhere in the world… well there’s less to keep me here. And really nothing to stop me moving on to the next stage in building my dream life. And that would be Sri Lanka.

Plus to be honest, the recent appalling rape case in Delhi has been weighing heavy on my mind. And having done some major travelling recently, to places that make things like recycling easy and where I speak the languages… well, the decision to move on has been creeping up on me.

And Bangalore seems to be creaking under the weight of its own expansion at the moment. Refuse isn’t being collected, the roads are actually getting worse (which seemed impossible, but turns out it wasn’t), the drains are not quite coping. The place, frankly doesn’t look that appealing at this very moment.

So, Christmas Day I thought; by the next one of these, I’ll be living somewhere else. I may well be celebrating Christmas here, but my home will not be in India.

Now, as New Year resolutions goes this is pretty clever, if I do say so myself… as I won’t actually have broken it till the 24 December 2013. Which means it could be the longest running resolution in my group of friends.

But of course, I’m a goal setting coach – so I will follow through and I will be moving on.

It’ll be sad to leave my lovely friends, and my amazing home here. But I’ve found myself being less amused by India and out and out annoyed about things since I got back from travelling. I’ve always said, once you are whinging about living somewhere, it’s time to leave. I’m not from here after all, and so there’s no point staying and becoming bitter.

So, pastures new.

It’s rather exciting really. I’ve been doing a lot of work on Rethink Retreats recently, and am busily writing courses and working with clients. But I’m also planning where I want me and the company to be in the coming years. I plan to spend time each year in London of course and seeing as I love New York so much, there too.

I help my clients live the happy, directed life of their dreams. And so, I’d better walk the walk myself.

And the first thing about setting goals… is to tell people to make yourself accountable.

So you dear reader, hear this.

Madam, let me tell you one thing will be continuing as ever it was, but I will have a new home by the end of 2013. Quite possibly earlier. But I will be reporting on foolishness from a new Rethink Central in under 12 months.



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