Madam gas canister my nemesisThis is part 2 of a 3 part post.

So, the real reason I haven’t sorted out the gas bottle in my kitchen is two fold.

First, and I guess foremost, is that I’m just used to it now. I no longer see it – there is not a thought in my head when I push it out the way with my toe, to open the cupboards. The thing’s on little wheels, I might add. It’s easy to push. My toes alone are not that strong.

It reminds me of when I first dated my husband – 20 years before we married – he was my first serious boyfriend and I used to spend a lot of time at his parents house.

They’d been building an extension to the back kitchen years before and somewhere along the way building work had stalled – yet there was still a small cement mixer stood in the back kitchen.

A cement mixer. In the kitchen.

When you first saw it, it was remarkably shocking.

Once you’d been there a while, it was just ‘oh yeah, that thing’. They dried teatowels on it, and the cat used to sleep inside its cosy curvy shape, safe from drafts.

So, really you can get used to anything, and me and my wheelie gas bottle are in much the same boat. I’m just used to it being parked in the middle of my kitchen in an annoying manner.

I sometimes bring guests into the kitchen to laugh at it…

When I moved in I was of course much more proactive about such things. I demanded a longer hose and sent out a driver to get it.

15 foot of hose is probably what’s needed to get it properly out of the way. I wrote this down clearly in a legible hand, I explained to someone who spoke his language what I needed. He took my money, he nodded. I was hopeful hose and a hidden gas bottle was in my near future.

He came back without the hose, but with the small wheelie contraption that it now sits on to facilitate wheeling it about.

By this point, I was rather worn down and I went with the ‘good enough’ principal we know so well in India. After all, I at least had a gas bottle.

Because getting a bottle is something of a palaver. More of that in next week’s post.


This is part 2 of a 3 part post

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