Madam - the lost wallet experiment
Something a little different for you this week – I came across this lovely graphic of an experiment to see who would return dropped wallets in various cities. The sample size was very small – only 15 wallets per country (and with $50 in the wallet you can see why you’d not go crazy on this).

But isn’t it refreshing to see that Mumbai ranks so highly?

I’m guessing it’s because people here are generally very moral and also very aware of how big a loss that could be to someone. Mind you you’d think that would be the same in Brazil.

And it’s notable that some of the lowest wallet-return areas are the currently very beleaguered Euro-zone countries. Where people are horribly feeling the pinch at the moment after many affluent years.

Interesting, isn’t it?


Normal blog service will be resumed next week.

You see, I’ve been a bit bogged down this week in making cakes and testing things for our new cake book which is out in about a month. In fact thinking about it, I’ll share some of the cakes I’ve been testing recently (and yes testing does mean eating them – you know, for science).

You can see what I’ve been up to on the Not Got Much In facebook page if you fancy ogling cakes right this moment…

Madam Give me cake button

The book will be on Amazon Kindle soon. When it goes up I’ll do a special offer for a few days where you can download it for free. Good, eh?

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The lovely wallet return graphic was designed by lisamahapatra. And I found it on the info graphic site – Visually.


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