I’m off to Kerala to play in the monsoon for a week – as we don’t have much monsoon in Bangalore. It’s one of the great things about being here (or so I’m told repeatedly by Bangalorians).

But as I may have mentioned already, I’m less than impressed by the Bangalore weather. I find it cold a lot of the time. Well not actually London cold of course, but cold enough to require a cardigan. And I did not move to the tropics for that sort of behaviour… I spent last winter (all two weeks of it in Bangalore), in a sort of tropical outrage about being actually chilly in Southern India.

Plus I LOVE the monsoon and missing it completely isn’t on. So I’m off for a week of rain tourism.

If you’d tried to explain to me a few years back that I would love the rain, I’d have laughed in your face. I’m so not a fan of the cold wet stuff in Europe. But in tropical climes; well it’s different.

So much rain falls in one go for a start. And it’s warm. And it doesn’t settle in for ages (in Glasgow for instance the rain starts about – oh October and then only really properly lifts about March time). No, here it’s lovely most of the time, but for a few hours the sky will go a very strange and odd maroon colour and then huge quantities of water will fall; the air becomes electric and frankly it’s just damn exciting. And fairly sexy. Oh yes.

So I shall be off to stare at the monsoon, in Kovalam, where I used to live.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of last years Kerala monsoon for you to look at and enjoy from your warm and dry computer.

I’ll fill you in on the adventures at this particular fancy location on the backwaters very soon. It was lovely. Well till the rat showed up in the middle of the night… eeew.


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