Madam - McDonalds vegetarian restaurant signYes, apparently it’s true.

Next year McDonalds is going to open it’s first all vegetarian restaurants near the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

As you’d expect at the most holy place in the Sikh world – there’s no meat at the Golden Temple complex – and pilgrims are served food as part of their visit.

Presumably McDonalds is betting people won’t want to eat meat before or afterwards – and specifically not beef. Apparently they’re planning a lot more of these in pilgrimage sites.

Does anyone else feel it’s a bit creepy somehow?

Full story here.

In other news, I’m going to go to the Golden Temple for the first time end of October. I will not be dining in fast food joints, in case you’re wondering.


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Find McDonalds trying to be culturally ‘sensitive’ unnerving? Or the fact they’re sort of claiming to be healthy, odd?

Drop me a comment – below… would love to hear your thoughts on this!