Indiblogger IBA award winnerThis blog has won an award.

It happened a few weeks back, and to be honest, I was fairly under-whelmed.

The category we’ve won in – and see how I’ve cleverly included you, dear reader, in the honour of it all? – is the best ‘blog about India, by a non Indian’.

As you can see, something of a niche market, to say the least.

Still, there are a lot of people in India and a great many blogs by foreigners, so it’s not a totally empty niche. And let’s face it, it’s just nice to win things. I was always rubbish at that as a kid – never got the goldfish, never won the raffle. Well, just the once, but it was at the school my Mum was head teacher at, so it looked like a fix (it wasn’t), and I had to give back the prize. Which sucked.

As an adult things I’ve worked on have won lots of awards (modesty forbids me talking about Bafta’s and Emmy’s and those Oscar nods), but it wasn’t really my work, and my work alone. Not even close, hundreds of people work on VFX projects, and even if you’re leading a team, you’re just one of many, unless you’re the director. And even then, it’s not entirely you’re ‘vision’ but a collaboration.

So, winning an award is lovely, even if it’s one as small and inconsequential as this. People voted for the blog. Actual people I’ve never met, who simply read stuff, liked it and then went back and voted for me, us, the blog.

And that is rather nice.

So, I’m off to bask in a little glory now.


This is not the first nameless award we’ve won – oh no, I’ve won unheard of awards by the bucket. I can tell you’re impressed. Check out some of the (not particularly sparkly) glitter here :

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Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!

Apparently this is a top blog in India!

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Care to congratulate me on this useless award? Dazzled by it all? Then drop in a comment below. Go on, I’m secretly quite pleased about this. I know shameful, eh?