Madam - hand writing receiptsI noticed that the checkouts were busier than usual, but I just assumed it was another festival I didn’t know anything about.

Now that I work from home, I’m not really keeping up with public holidays in India as I used (though I’m hot as pepper on them in the US and Australia as that’s where my clients are).

So, I wasn’t particularly phased when I saw every checkout had a big queue. Irked, of course – you don’t shop at 11am on Tuesday to stand in a line, but there you go.

The woman being served at the checkout I joined seemed to be having some kind of refund done – there were copious bits of paper being filled out and she and the cashier were both adding things up on their phones.

Odd, I thought. But you know, it’s India. She probably has a discount voucher and that entails 6 people counter signing the damn thing. There is a fondness for filling things out in triplicate here. Purely, I might add, so that the copies can then all be filed and never looked at again.

I was a trifle disappointed about it though. As, I’ve mentioned before, it’s a very fancy supermarket that I frequent, so I was expecting better.

I wasn’t going to get better, but I do expect it. In many ways I’m a bundle of crushed dreams sometimes.

Anyway, there I stand staring lightly into space and regarding the vast number of mangos the man in front of me seemed to buying (such an expensive place to buy them, thinks I). The woman being served totters off with her enormous quantity of paperwork and Mr Mango moves into checkout position…

…only for the cashier to start writing down his items one by one on the pad. A tatty looking pad at that, With old fashioned blue carbon copy paper carefully placed for triplicate copies.

And gradually I realise – and you can’t call me quick on the uptake – the teller is having to hand write all the receipts.

Every item, one by one.

And today is the day I’ve decided to stock up on stationary. Lots of small items, pencils and sticky pads and erasers.

I am going to be here a long time.


This is part one of a two part post

Read Part two – They’re actually handwriting receipts.


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