As a keen reader you’ll remember that I was in Amsterdam talking about being ‘location independent’ a few weeks back. Well, I’ve had a few questions about what that really means. Apparently the term’s not as widely spread as I thought: or perhaps I’m just very lucky to live in a little bubble of location independence!

Get in touch buttonAnyway, I made another little video about it – and I’ve made my complimentary goal setting strategy offer again.

I’m not going to be doing these for very long: I’ll explain in my next post on the topic exactly why I am doing them now. It’s rather exciting actually (and also kind of linked to being location independent, now as I think about it).

So if you’ve been thinking about working with me – or your intrigued to see if coaching is for you – or hell even if you’d just like to get in touch. Then hit the very yellow button and lets get talking.

You know you want to!


If you’d like to catch up on the other videos where I’m talking about this sort of thing, then check me out here. I’m a fool for a video camera at the moment!:

Want to live your perfect life? Want some (complimentary) help?
Chilled grapes and working from the sofa
Video : If you speak from the heart, you can always speak the truth

And if you’re interested in one to one coaching – do get in touch to find out more. Really I’m only going to be doing these strategy sessions for a tiny bit longer.

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