Who is this Liz Scully woman?

Liz blending in with the localsHello, I’m Liz – and I live in Bangalore, and as you may have guessed, I’m not Indian.

I’m actually Irish, but was raised in England, so rather confusingly have an English accent. I’ve done a lot of travelling and lived overseas a fair bit.

Here’s a picture of me blending in imperceptibly with the locals in Tamil Nadu. Just in case, you can’t spot me, I’m the one in the blue…. ahem.

About three years back I spent a wonderful year in Kerala doing a TV series for the BBC. In fact, I liked it so much I jumped at the chance to come back and work in Bangalore for much longer.

Here‘s a bit more about what brought me back to India.

I’ve also lived a variety of other places – LA, NY and even places that aren’t abbreviated to two letters, like Istanbul and Dublin. And I was blessed as a child to have a father who lived in a variety of far flung places, so I got to run about Nigeria and Pakistan a bit as well.

Wherever I go, I like to dig a little under the surface and learn something about where I am. Sometimes, this doesn’t throw up any more information, but does lead to charming conversations about the differences in English usage. Sometimes it just leads to confusion – but that can be fairly charming too. Over the years, I’ve been mildly confused by conversations all over the world.

This blog is an attempt to share the joy of English in my current home – India. It really is marvellous here – and with so many languages, there is always something interesting going on with English usage as well.

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