Cake! 12 healthy recipes - ebookAs you know, I’ve been working on my new cake book for the last few months.

Well… it’s a bit behind. I’ve been caught up in an issue with a client project and I’ve not been able to get the book looking as spiffy as I want it to be before launch.

And as there are many places in life I will make compromises – but cake is not one of them – the launch has been pushed back a couple of weeks to make sure it looks gorgeous.

But I can’t have you, dear reader desiring a shot at a free book, and for there to be no free book to be had.

So, I’ve put my first book – Cake! 12 healthy recipes – on special offer on Amazon for 24 hours only it’s free to download.

It’s a great book, and the thing I’m most proud of from last year. It’s packed full of healthy, delicious recipes that are quirky and fun to make (beetroot brownie anyone?). The photographs are gorgeous, and did I mention it’s free to download today?

Go on – get a free book. Tell your friends. Impress your family. Send them to Amazon and get themselves a free book.

We all like free stuff, and we all like cake (if you don’t, really what is wrong with you?)

Get the book here – but do it today, as it’ll be back to it’s full price tomorrow.
So, quickly run get the book – it’ll be gone by end of play Friday.

Go, go go!


If you’d like to see some of the recipes from the book before you go to all that trouble of downloading it for free, check out these:

Lemon and Lavender Drizzle Cake
Honey Cake with Apricots, Vanilla and Sweet Potato
Coconut, Lime and Blueberry Cake

But really, you might as well just go get the book. The clicks involved are just the same… and did I mention it’s free today?